Jonathan osorio

Midfielder, Toronto FC

 “Mental health is now publicly known to be part of many athletes lives at one point or another.
The more people talk about it the less difficult it is to deal with. I hope it continues to be spoken about so
that the percentage of mental health amongst men and even people keeps decreasing over time”

Vic Baldesarra


“I support Movember because it brings awareness to early cancer detection. Movember encourages men to get involved to make a change in men’s health. It is important to me to be apart of
this annual event to also help create change for those who are effected!”

Sergio Senatore

Founder CultTO, Founder Area 001

“I am a huge supporter of Movember and I encourage all men to get behind this movement to raise
awareness and change the face of men’s health.”

Nicole Servinis

Producer, ET Canada

” I support Movember because I have a dad, a brother, a grandfather, and uncles… it’s time to talk about men’s health. Men are 24 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year. I want to contribute to changing that stat, and it all starts with conversation, open dialogue, support, and Movember.”